Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the “One Rate Plan” different from what other companies offer?

Many companies bill services per event. Their customers choose mowing, gardening or landscape services but schedule and price each service separately. This can make it hard to plan and budget. Having no plan is planning for trouble!

The One Rate Plan sets one simple monthly rate. Every week, for that monthly rate, we visit your property and evaluate it according to your lawn and garden care plan.

Is the “One Rate Plan” more affordable?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount for any services included in the “One Rate Plan.” We also encourage you to take the price we offer and compare it to receiving the same services from multiple contractors. You will find that our comprehensive plan offers every service you need without the stress and hassle of dealing with multiple contractors.

Can I schedule service without a long term commitment?

Yes. We provide lawn care services invoiced at the end of each month. We want to earn your trust and respect and think this is a great way for you to see what we can do for you.