iStock_000030287526_Large-1200x800Long term planning—even in lawn care and gardening and especially for hardscapes—has a huge impact on overall costs.  What questions are you asking your landscape design company and are they the correct questions for your planning process?

Here are a few thought provoking questions to ask either your designer or installer before beginning a major project:

  1. How long will each structure, material, and product being installed last?
  2. What is the repair, replacement or maintenance cost for this item compared to the initial cost?
  3. Will this proposed installation increase or decrease my overall maintenance costs?
  4. Will this installation change my annual irrigation costs?
  5. Will this change the way my structure and property drains rain and ground water?
  6. How could we change this plan to reduce my long term maintenance costs?
  7. How difficult is maintenance on this product or feature compared to other options?
  8. What are the ongoing maintenance costs for this product or feature?
  9. Are there any health or safety hazards with these products or features?
  10. How will this improvement affect my neighbors’ properties or nearby rights-of-way?

Many times I see maintenance nightmares created by talented landscape artists who just haven’t considered the answers to the above questions.  Having a little more long term vision never hurts – even in residential land care.